Victoria Revisited

The family and I headed back up north for one last weekend in Port Angeles to attend my Grandma’s funeral and celebration of life. Jason decided I needed some cheering up so he arranged a day trip over to British Columbia. We hopped on the Coho ferry and in 90 short minutes we were in Victoria. I have been to Victoria more times than I can count but the city never ceases to amaze me with it’s beauty and charm.


castleCraigdarroch Castle

castleinteriorstanding in the entryway, looking up


fisheyefun with the olloclip iPhone fish eye lens 🙂

deeroff to Beacon Hill Park, Jason spotted a deer


deerfriendsmore deer friends


birdnestbird watching

turtleand turtle watching apparently!

jasonJason next to our rental

empressthe famous Empress hotel

doormy favorite church in the city



plasterpeople watching while waiting for the ferry

athena95 million dollar yacht for sale in Victoria’s harbor

sunsetsunset while arriving in Port Angeles

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