A Star Wars Birthday

Not a typical post for me but I had so much fun decorating for my nephew’s birthday party that I wanted to share the details. My sister and brother in-law chose the Star Wars theme and with the new movie release, it made it quite easy to find ideas and supplies! The party was a real hit! So much so that it may be hard to beat next year 😉

Birthday tableA homemade birthday banner above the main party table. I printed out the letters from Microsoft Word, pasted them onto colored paper purchased from the Dollar Tree and cut a thick edge. Dollar Tree was a great source for supplies! I even found the red trays there.  Food labels were also homemade and designed in (cough cough) Microsoft Paint.

Table close upFound the ballons on Amazon and we created our own centerpiece with “Darth Tater” and a few other accessories!

CupcakesDark chocolate Darth Vaders sit nicely atop the birthday cupcakes. I purchased a silicone mold on Amazon which worked like a charm for chocolate!

Wookie CookiesI can’t take credit for these beautiful (and delicious!) Wookie Cookies. Sister in-law Ally is the master and hand decorated each one.

lightsabersMini lightsabers! I melted down colored candy (purchased at JoAnn’s), coated mini pretzels and set in the refrigerator.

kabobsI used a black food writing pen for the Storm Trooper marshmallows (those took some patience!) As did wrapping forks in the colored napkins 😉 Here is the lightsaber napkin template;

pinataPiñata from Target adds to the decor. For the water bottles I printed out R2-D2 labels. Here is the template;

The menu;
Yoda Soda (green Powerade)
R2-D2 H20
Jar Jar Links (bacon wrapped lil’ smokies)
Obi-Wan Kabob-ies (fruit kabobs)
Wookie Cookies
Vader Veggies
Dark Side Cupcakes

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