Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Not sure I can sum up Laura and I’s adventure to Costa Rica, we spent 8 days on the move! First day ziplining, 2 days at the Pacific Ocean, cloud & rain forests galore and of course a volcano… all while enjoying delicious food, meeting amazing people along the way and collecting way too many bug bites. I can’t wait for our next trip together!

Photos are a mixture between my 60D, Powershot and iPhone 🙂

Woke up to this view our first morning in Costa Rica

Laura on the zipline


One of the many rivers (and not the largest) we drove through on the way to Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa

Great views = hotel on a hill

Mal Pais

Hard to see, but the black spots are Howler Monkeys

Strangler Fig, Monteverde Cloud Forest

More Monteverde Cloud Forest

The elusive Quetzal

Heading out on a “Night Walk” in Monteverde

Typical Costa Rican home

Our treehouse at Arenal

Hiking to the summit of Arenal Volcano

Our guide Juan Carlos let this giant ant bite him!

Lake Arenal

Arenal Volcano

Arenal Hanging Bridges

Bad picture, but an Eyelash Pit Viper

La Fortuna Waterfall

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog

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