I’d Rather be in NYC

New York surprised me but in a good way! Casey invited me to join her while visiting her brother, sister and niece in the Big Apple. (and thanks to the Betcher family and Stassi for being amazing hosts!) New York has been on my travel wish list since childhood and it lived up to every expectation.

And while big city life is way out of my norm, I felt a connection to NYC instantly. I loved riding the subway, admiring the diverse architecture and urban hiking the crowded streets. I ate anything and everything there was to offer… from Shake Shack to fried chicken to fine french cuisine all the way to true New York style pizza. (and gained 4 pounds while I was at it!)

In this city where you can get anything, anytime, anywhere… I certainly found a spring break adventure I will never forget.

skylineManhattan Skyline from the Staten Island Ferry

brooklyn bridgeWalking across the Brooklyn Bridge

cars on bridge

looking up

street viewUpper West Side

subwayGirls riding the Subway! Stassi, Casey and me

grand centralStassi gave us a wonderful tour of Grand Central. She had actually taken the official Grand Central tour before, and had notes on all the interesting history of this monumental building!

grand central details


market deliGrand Central Market was filled with pastries, cheese, meats and spices galore! Cheese tasting was the best part!



Outside Grand Central

NY streets

street artSo much art all over the city

pizzaOur plans didn’t always work out. On this day, we tried to go to a museum which was closed, have lunch at Patsy’s Pizza which was only open for take out and got caught in a rainstorm on our walk home. So what do you do when you have a take out pizza, it’s raining and you are over 15 blocks away from your apartment? You find an awning and stuff your faces, naturally!

times squareTimes Square is quite a sight to see and an overstimulation of the senses!

Coke signJust had to snap one photo of the Coca-Cola billboard to show my co-workers.

Broadway ShowMy first Broadway show. What a fun experience! We had a wonderful dinner at Aureole after the show.


foggy empire

brownstonesA quick trip to the Chelsea neighborhood for shopping and a High Line visit.

meI loved the picturesque brownstones!

ParkCentral Park was one of my favorite stops, but most of the park was still transitioning from winter. I told Stassi I will be returning to see this magical place in spring or fall bloom!

sunset viewTop of Rockefeller Center for sunset views


panoUntil next time New York!

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  1. Patricia Soule

    I absolutely love sharing your travel experiences through your photography and write ups, you truly have a gift. Thanks for sharing. God Bless.

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