Royalty for the Night in a German Castle

For one of our last nights in Germany, Jason asked to stay in a castle and luckily I found the Burghotel auf Schönburg in the Upper Rhine Valley. It was the quintessential castle experience and everything we could have hoped for! We even met a former Formula One journalist and artist who works at the hotel museum. It was fate!

The castle was built in the 12th century, where the Dukes of Schönburg ruled over the town of Oberwesel and levied customs on the Rhine river. The Schönburg line eventually died out and the castle was burned down by French soldiers in 1689. It remained in ruins for 200 years before a German-American family bought the castle and restored it. The town of Oberwesel acquired the castle in the 50’s and a local family have been living and operating a hotel here ever since.

We had a great time exploring the grounds and after a beautiful sunset, we checked out the interior of the castle. Each of the guest rooms are uniquely decorated and we discovered ours was full of surprises… like a hidden bed and a secret door to the castle ramparts. So fun! A five course dinner and breakfast were included in the room rate and quite a fancy affair.

A night we’ll never forget!

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  1. jason oefelein

    Thanks for finding such a wonderful place. It was the highlight of our trip. Looking forward to the next adventure.

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