The 2,800 Mile Road Trip

“I want to go on a road trip. Just you, me, the highway and the radio. The blue sky, the black roads and the windows down. We’ll talk about everything and nothing and we’ll sing our hearts out. We’ll make memories we’ll never forget.”

Last week, my childhood friend Casey and I set out on a spring break adventure through Utah and Colorado. Enjoy the photos from the journey!

utah mountainsLa Sal Mountain Range

dead tree

canyonlands sign11/59, Canyonlands!

mesa archHad to wait about 15 minutes for a shot of Mesa Arch with no one in it

on a cliffLiving life on the edge


canyonlands sunsetA cold sunset at Green River Overlook

arches sign12/59, get ready for some Arches!

window archNorth Window Arch

the windows

double arch The Double Arch

pine tree archPine Tree Arch

landscape archLandscape Arch

me in an archJust hanging out in an arch

navajo archNavajo Arch

delicate archDelicate Arch

partition archPartition Arch

mesa verde13/59, we added Mesa Verde to our map!

cliff palaceThe incredible Cliff Palace, the largest cliff dwelling in North America with 150 rooms

kivasThe circular rooms are kivas, a room used by Puebloans for religious rituals

spruce tree houseTaking a tour of Spruce Tree House

mesa kivaInside a kiva at Spruce Tree House

petroglyphsCasey made me hike the Petroglyph Trail, which was amazing.

four cornersQuick stop at Four Corners Monument, we are touching all four states!

river sunset

sunset on the roadSunset on the road to Torrey, Utah

capitol reef sign14/59 and our last park, Capitol Reef!

capitol reefThis park was even more beautiful than I expected

deer herdWe spooked this group of deer

horsesHorses at the Gifford Homestead

trees blooming

viewpointAscending the Cohab Canyon Trail

us in a canyonCasey and I in the canyon

hike in the canyonThis park is known for it’s “lunar landscape”

canyon walls

pioneer registerThe “Pioneer Register,” where early Mormon pioneers left their mark, carving their names in sandstone to acknowledge their travels.

apricot treesApricot trees were almost blooming. We enjoyed a delicious strawberry rhubarb pie after our hikes in the park. It’s amazing the Fruita orchards are still maintained and harvested.

cow canyon
What a spectacular road trip!


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  1. Frank

    So jealous, that looks like so much fun and some really beautiful sites to see! Luckily for me you always take amazing photos.

  2. Casey

    It was an incredible trip! I’m still pooped but it was well worth every step and every mile. Got some awesome shots!

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