“Bear-ly” Any Animals in Wyoming

Now, from the title you may have gathered we were a bit disappointed with the wildlife sightings in Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks. We were hoping to see a bear and possibly a moose… alas another year and another park. Wildlife aside, the sights to see in this area are quite spectacular. Grand Teton was a nature lover’s paradise and Yellowstone feels like you’ve landed on a different planet. Enjoy the photos from our trip.

grand tetons16/59 on my list

viewsHiking the Cascade Canyon trail

meMe at the viewpoint

waterfallHidden Falls


jenny lakeJenny Lake



mormon rowMormon Row


sunriseSunrise leaving Jackson, en route to Yellowstone

yellowstone17/59 on my list

old faithful“Standard” Old Faithful shot

springsGet ready for some geothermal sights!

colorful spring

stream and geyser



grand prismatic springGrand Prismatic Spring

rolling hills

close up

inactive geyser


sunset trees

geyser sunset

artist paintpots

lamar valleyLamar Valley

mammoth hot springsMammoth Hot Springs

calcium carbonate




territorial elkThis elk was charging all the others that came near

osprey nestOsprey nest

grand canyonThe Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone & Falls


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