Death Valley National Park

My first National Park visit in quite some time! I’ve been wanting to make the trip to Death Valley for a few years now and February seemed like perfect timing. So Laura and I planned a weekend getaway, flying into Las Vegas and renting a minivan to make the drive to Furnace Creek. We slept in the back (the new norm for us) and explored the beautiful desert. We also lucked out with the best “superbloom” of wildflowers in over a decade!

I was also testing out a new camera on this trip. Jason bought me a Sony A6000 for Christmas and I’ve had limited time to use it. It’s small and lightweight which is great for travel! I will need to learn more of the manual features and it was somewhat challenging to edit my RAW images on my computer. I had to download a DNG converter and then adjust all shots for lens correction. Just in case anyone has the same issue! 🙂

DV sign

wildflowers A sea of yellow flowers as we approach Badwater Basin


badwater basinWalking in Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North American at 282 feet below sea level

desert layersTaking in the views on Artist’s Drive

golden canyonWoke up early for a walk through Golden Canyon


layersLayers of the desert




dunesMesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Mosaic CanyonHiking through Mosaic Canyon, which is lined with naturally polished marble


marble canyonThis was such a stunning sight


roadside flowersRoadside wildflowers, they were every where we looked!


National Park #19, complete! Only 40 more to go.

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