48 Hours in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I wasn’t sure what to expect on our short stopover in Kuala Lumpur but we were greeted with traffic, humidity and an abundance of skyscrapers! Despite the hectic feel of the city, we really enjoyed discovering the unique mix of cultures and people of KL.

The stunning Petronas Towers

I wanted to see the famous food street in Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Alor. Lined with hawker stalls and food I’d never seen before, this was an overwhelming culinary experience!

We were feeling adventurous and decided to try some deep fried durian. If you’ve traveled to SE Asia, you will know that durian fruit is known for its putrid smell, some people comparing it to rotting meat or gym socks. Haha, yum! Despite the smell, some people love to eat it. We thought it tasted like a fried onion custard. Not terrible but probably won’t go looking for it again.

The views from our Airbnb (at the FACE Suites) were incredible.

The following morning we took an Uber 15 minutes outside of the city to the Batu Caves. Our visit to the Hindu temple was definitely a highlight of the entire trip. And we had no idea it coincided with the Thaipusam festival preparations! The holy site was buzzing with worshipers in colorful clothing, chanting mantras and carrying offerings up the 272 steps to the cave.

Monkeys were everywhere! And stealing food, bags and generally being mischievous.

I can’t wait to plan a return trip to Malaysia and see more of this beautiful country!

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