The Canadian Rockies

When Casey and I opted for a summer road trip this year, my suggestion for the destination was easy. I have always dreamed of visiting the Canadian Rockies! So with our cameras in hand, we embarked on a 10 day journey to this awe-inspiring alpine wonderland.

Waterton LakesWe actually took a longer route from Portland to include a short stay in Glacier National Park, Montana. From there we were able to cross the border into Alberta and make our way to Waterton Lakes National Park.

HotelThe picturesque Prince of Wales Hotel. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay long but we had a nice lunch here and took in the great weather and views.

Johnston CanyonOn to Banff National Park and our first stop was the beautiful Johnston Canyon trail


Bighorn SheepA road block on the way to the Sunshine Meadows area

SqueakerThese little fellas were everywhere, this one was alerting the masses at our arrival.

Sunshine MeadowsRock Isle Lake in Sunshine Meadows. We did a wonderful 9 mile hike here which takes you by 3 lakes, wildflower meadows and mountain vistas. There were reports of a grizzly bear in the area so we were a bit on edge. We made up a “bear chant” and sang it as we walked. Luckily we didn’t have an encounter, perhaps it was our singing 🙂


Lake LouiseFamous Lake Louise. The teal color is even more vibrant in person if you can believe it! We stayed at the Deer Lodge, a historic 1920’s hotel with an amazing restaurant. The Charcuterie plate! We also did a horseback ride up to the Plain of Six Glaciers teahouse. We really loved this area!

KayakKayaks on the lake

Lake MoraineStunning Lake Moraine at sunrise. Watching the sun drape over the mountain peaks and reflecting in the deep blue water was a favorite moment from our trip. Casey also made us coffee to enjoy with our view!

Maligne LakeNext up, Jasper National Park. The rain rolled in and we were left alone at the beautiful Maligne Lake.

BearOn the way back to our B&B, this black bear was spotted in a meadow of clovers

Bear earsHappily enjoying dinner!

Jasper SunsetJasper sunset

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